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Buy data for your co-workers at a cheaper rate. Bitako offers cheaper SME Data plan.

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Our Features

Bills Payment

Bills Payment got easier. Bitako provides the set of tools that allow you to buy Data, buy Airtime Top up, Pay your DSTV, Startimes and GoTV Subscriptions and Electricity bill very fast and reliable.

Send Money

Everything you need to send instant payouts to anyone. Bitako provides the set of tools that allow you to transfer money to any bank account or mobile money wallet instantly.

Receive Money

Bitako make it easier for you to receive money from anyone, anywhere. Everything you need to receive instant payments from anyone.

Simple Dashboard

Bitako's intelligent dashboard with data visualization tools displays your current status metrics and key performance indicators on a single screen.

Fast and Reliable

Very fast and reliable Data Top up, Airtime Top up, DSTV, Startimes and GoTV Subscriptions and Electricity payments.


Stay up-to-date about your account. Never miss out any information of your transactions. Bitako helps you stay informed bills payment datelines.

Easy Payments without leaving the comfort of your home

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